Mar 20, 2021

The Need for Speed

 I was talking to my friend who is a year into a new sales role at a local company. I asked him how it was going, and he assured me he had found the secret to doing well. Unlike his previous direct service sales position, his new role required he work with a variety of outside sales partners to meet customer needs.

“When they call, I jump. No matter what my plans were, I change them and try to be the most responsive resource they can work with!”

How many professional service providers and sellers, when asked what makes their service better than others, talk about their experience, or the quality of the service they provide. No doubt those are important elements to distinguishing yourself. But in some cases, being quick and flexible can be more important. Indeed, by demonstrating your willingness to be prompt and flexible in the face of needs from your sales partners, a consultant can distinguish himself from other colleagues, and increase referrals.

There are software solutions to help you be a nimbler provider and seller of your professional service. Some solutions are tailored to your industry, and others are tailored to your size of business. There are even websites that allow you to compare features and select from a field of solutions.

But the most important thing is attitude. Are you willing to quickly revise your schedule to respond to a need from an outside sales partner? Do it often enough and you earn friendship and professional loyalty.