May 6, 2010

Small Service Business Marketing Synergy Ideas

Although true success in Small Business Marketing Rests on a combination of Push, Pull and Personal Marketing techniques, there is particular power in those initiatives that combine aspects of all three. Here are some suggestions:

---- Build a Facebook Page (used to be called Fan Pages) for your business and add to it each day.

In particular, add info of your upcoming talks, appearances, or networking events that you would like to invite people to (even if you are not speaking). Promote your page and ask people to “opt in” to receive your feed by clicking on the “like” button. This is a powerful integrated investment. You get the power of push, the reach of pull and if you get more face time with prospects, all the advantages of a personal marketing overture. If you're not sure why this is a great idea, check this link out for LOTS of reasons to do it!

------ Arrange a small wine and cheese event at your place of business or a neutral venue. Make a speech or give a tour. Record it. Share it.

I recently saw a presentation that explained how to get on to YouTube in 10 minutes. It is that simple now with new video tools. If you have a place of business, invite some prospects for a tour. If you run a virtual business, choose a nice meeting room and put together a presentation. Invite them. Make a video of your presentation (either during the talk or afterwards with your webcam). Use YouTube and use a variety of techniques to promote your video as a “pull marketing” element

------- Do you belong to a local chapter of The Rotary Club, Lions, Elks, Women in Technology, or any other service or professional group? Leverage this membership to enrich existing connections.

When is the next meeting? Is the program of general interest? Do they allow guests? Why not announce the program on Facebook, in your newsletter, or use a program like Evite ( to send out an email to your LinkedIn connections or your Outlook contacts? Arrange to meet your guests at the door and introduce them around. They will appreciate the networking, you will solidify your relationship with them, and after the meeting, write up a little piece for your blog or newsletter and POST it.

If you need some additional ideas, give me a call for an appointment. I offer a free 1 hour of consultation without obligation or charge.

Tom Pencek

Service for Profit, LLC