Feb 15, 2021

Tracking and connecting with clients, prospects, and contacts fills your services sales pipeline


I suppose it is common sense, but most of us have found that satisfied clients are the most likely to buy again, followed by persons that have already been contacted but haven't bought yet, followed by acquaintances that may or may not have a need for your service. 

Networking and word of mouth is a big investment. Don't waste time and money, and lose out on sales opportunity, by sloppy record keeping. Use a reliable tool to record and track all these highly valuable contacts.

I have found that routine emails or other "touches" is important if you want to keep these contacts viable. I call it shelf of mind (https://www.theoryaboutthat.com/faq#Be-Shelf-of-Mind)

I recommend to my clients that they use something simple, cloud based, and free to accomplish both contact tracking and email management: MailChimp. (http://www.mailchimp.com ) .  The free tool includes a database, and a limited number of emails per month.